TechInvest Alberta

Creating World-Class Value with Intangible Assets

Competing for investment means more than having a good idea – a company needs to be “investment ready” and it is essential to have the best management team to ensure that your ideas are marketable to the world.

TechInvest solves the biggest challenges at each stage of your company’s development by working with you to build the capacity and capabilities you require for success.”

We bring products to market. You invest in these ways:

Investment Ready Services

It isn’t easy to raise capital to grow a company.  Yet, most conventional plans usually include giving away significant equity and ownership of intellectual property.  What would you do today if you were offered $5 million by an investor?  TechInvest offers new options which solves this question and gives you the advantage when bringing in capital.

Business Systems Services

Business systems are the cornerstones of a successful business – and helps make a company efficient, effective and ready to take on the competition.  TechInvest has the expertise to build a customized solution for you which is fully integrated with your operations.  These systems allow entrepreneurs more time to develop their ideas into marketable products and grow their companies.

C-Level Executive Services

What do you do when critical decisions need to be made for your company?  How will key stakeholders such as investors and your customers know that you have the “right stuff” as a business?  Your success will depend on demonstrating that your company has the necessary knowledge and experience to make the right choices at the right time.”

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